Fall Cleanse


As an acupuncturist I take the seasons into consideration while treating patients. I suggest to do a full cleanse 4 times a year to shift into a new season & to stay on top of your health year round.

• Fall is the season for Lung & Large Intestine. I look at weather changes, nutrition, functions of the Lungs & Large Intestine, mental emotional shifts & more. The lungs & Large Intestine are both elimination organs, so supporting these organs & supporting them with proper nutrition & cleansing is so important to achieve optimal health.

• Think about everything you are absorbing: environmental toxins, medication, food, cosmetics, personal care items. We absorb it all. We are a great sponge! Thank goodness our bodies can bounce back (most of the time)! But, it's important to look at your labels. If you were able to make better choices that would affect your mental & physical health for the better then why wouldn't you?!

• Listen to your body, it's trying to tell you something when you feel off!

• Signs you need to cleanse: digestive issues, allergies, poor circulation, increased pain, inflammation, skin issues, weight gain, bloating, low energy, poor sleep, agitated or change in mood, & headaches just to name a few!

• Guess what? You still get to eat 🙌 Focus on Whole Foods & Vegan, gluten free, spy free, non-gmo nutrition products that support you & your health to achieve success. Also eliminating high allergenic & acidic foods. Prep for seasonal & nutritional changes from season to season. And, prepare your immune system! There's lots of bugs floating around this time of year. Strengthen your gut health & overall health to feel best this coming winter 💞 I can't wait to help you through your journey!

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